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US 2-Pin to Europe/UK Adapter Plug (No voltage conversion function)
Product Number 9993-1006
Plug AMP/Voltage:2.5A / 250V~
Bag (mm.)/Color:Optional bag size 175mm x 123mm max +-2mm/ Gray or by request.
Color:Black/White or by request.
Remark:* The AC adapter does not equip with voltage conversion function, it can not change the voltage of an electrical power source, be sure to check prior to connect with your devices. * For quantity, spec, standard and approval information please consult our sales team.
Estimated Quantity :    (Year)/PCS
Well Shin provides convenient product consult service, please indicate quantity, click "Add to Cart" for record, once you have completed product survey, please click "Inquiry Cart" at the top of the page to leave message, we will get back to you soon.
Product Features
* WS-038-7 Adapter, Europe Plug to NEMA 1-15R Connector 2 to 2-Pin
* WS-152-F Adapter, UK Plug to NEMA 1-15R, Europe Connector 3 to 2-Pin
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