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Well Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan; in the year of 2002 it was officially renamed to Well Shin Technology Co., Ltd. The company had its initial public offering in 2007 at Taiwan IPO market (Code #3501). 
Well Shin is particularly proud of its record for innovation, it is widely recognized through household power cord. 
It had developed a wide range of power connector cord sets, accessories including industrial, construction, generator power, marine shore power, RV Camp, trailer/ truck towing power, EV Green Power, medical equipment, extension cords set, NEMA/ IEC series, 3C related AC cord, AC/DC charger adapters, travel adapter, wall panel and entertainment audio devices product in accordance with the regulations of international environmental standard and also taking into consideration the specific requirements of its customers.
As an innovator, Well Shin developed its products range with APP management system in the field of "Environmental Friendly Energy Saving LED Lighting", "Household Electricity Intelligent Management Products" -  Smart Control Serial for a convenient lifestyle.
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